Poem: Pre-nuptial

I have a lot of things I’d like to say about the Yes campaign, and I will.  In a nutshell, it’s not about the queen, nor the pound, nor the United Kingdom.  It’s not even about David Cameron, although he does help.  It’s about the right of the people of Scotland to govern their own affairs. I believe we have that right, and an obligation to ourselves and to the rest of the world to exercise that right and discover what a progressive nation we can be.

I don’t usually like to post unpublished poems, especially ones I like, but this is the launch of my yes campaign.  That’s a pretty special occasion if you ask me.

At Partick Cross
he kent strett on
wis best.  Wast
tae da last
o sun at smelt
laek lippenin sumtheen
du’s ay wantit
but nivvir seen
athin dy raek.

On his airm
he wore his heart,
inked in bi needles
brunt prood bi dis haet.
Ower da kjist
o da Lion Rampant
“Scotland”.  A banner
fur aathin he airnt
his airly limp fur.

Sayin Yes isna
aboot steppin awa fae
onythin or onybody
but steppin up
ta wha we ir.
So whan A’m axed
“Do you believe the people
of Scotland should govern
their own affairs?”

Naebody better
fur da job
(an wi ir tried).
Fur richer or poorer
I do.

Christie Williamson

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About Christie Williamson

Christie Williamson is a poet from Shetland who lives in Glasgow. His first pamphlet, “Arc o Möns” was published by Hansel Co-operative Press in 2009 and was joint winner of the 2010 Calum MacDonald Memorial Prize.

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