Editorial: A Design For The Future

Imagine Scotland. Your Scotland.

Every day, we construct and reconstruct our surroundings. Our country and our society reaches us through all our senses – We touch it, beneath our feet on the slopes of Cairngorm. We taste it, in locally produced food enjoyed across the world. We see it in the stunning skyline of Edinburgh, smell it in the distilleries of Islay and hear it in Glasgow’s vibrant music scene.

That music scene is part of an internationally renowned creative and artistic community. It’s a community that has excelled throughout history at translating the everyday sensations of life in Scotland into something bigger than simple experience. Scotland can be a painting, a poem or a song. It is painted, written and sung by the people, for the people, and it helps us to imagine and reimagine what our nation has been, and what it can be.

The Scotland that we have created so far is our home, but it’s no final draft. People here are still deprived of the things they need to create a fulfilling life for themselves. Our environment is still being damaged. Many die from poor health long before they ever imagined they would. If you could create a new Scotland, would you choose one where 20% of the children live in poverty, as they do today?

These are not problems with simple solutions. They require an imaginative approach far greater than we can exercise simply as individuals.

At National Collective, we see the debate over Independence as a great opportunity to use the creative spirit of a whole nation. To us, Independence is a chance to build a new country. We can design innovative new systems and institutions that are tailor-made for the new challenges we face, and ones that can revise what we’ve learned about problems that have troubled us for centuries. Who better to engage in this process that Scotland’s creative and artistic community?

This is one of the biggest decisions we will ever take as a nation. That’s why we need to have a proper, engaging debate about what we really want. It’s a debate that can’t be left to the politicians. The best way to involve the Scottish people and their communities in the choice over Independence is through the cultural expressions that bind us together. Our artists and creative minds can give us the confidence we need to make this decision together so that we build a new nation that is ambitious, inspired and fit for the 21st century.

Over the years, our creative minds have made a monumental contribution to human progress and the human spirit. Now, with a decision on Scotland’s future approaching, we need that community to be more engaged than ever.

Let’s not just imagine a better Scotland.

Let’s create it.

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