An open letter to the Yes Scotland campaign

I am personally inspired by the way Iceland re-built it’s constitution following it’s financial crisis, and I am increasingly finding a lot of people share the same view. This letter is an open letter to the Yes Scotland campaign asking them to commit to a similar process for Scotland in the event of a Yes vote. I have created a petition to allow people to add their name to this.

Dear Yes Scotland,

We are greatly encouraged to see that you have appointed Dennis Canavan and Blair Jenkins to head up your campaign, but we urge you to go a step further than this in ensuring the relative neutrality of the campaign. We believe in an Independent Scotland passionately, but we have great reservations about the political balance of the campaign. It is currently accepted that the SNP government will be responsible for post Yes vote negotiations and for the creation of the constitution, but we do not think that this is truly the democratic way forward. We would like for the Yes Scotland campaign to commit to holding an election to create a separate, elected, body of people from all walks of Scottish society to negotiate the settlement with the rUK and to write a new constitution in consultation with the people of Scotland. In this way, Scotland can truly live up to the “beacon of progressiveness” that Alex Salmond has called for. We only need to look as far as Iceland for an example of such a process in action.

Much has changed in the world over the last ten years – much and at a great deal faster pace than in previous decades. To keep up with this fast changing world we must use all the tools it offers and build with flexibility and equality in mind. We believe this can only be achieved with as inclusive an approach to re-building our country as possible.

Finally, as was declared in Scotland’s most enduring constitutional document, we the people of Scotland are sovereign and it is our right to seize upon the possibilities of modern life to exercise this sovereignty in a truly meaningful and enduring manner.


Angela Kerry Miller

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About Angela Miller

Angela Miller is a self-published fiction writer, blogger, activist, mother and librarian from Galloway. She has been Scottish as long as she can remember, and was taught the art of political argument by her Mother and Grandmother, then inspired to believe in Independence by her Father-in-law. She is involved with her local SNP in the hills, but she believes the Referendum is not for party politics.

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