Scotland’s Referendum: Media Roundup #1

Ray McRobbie takes a weekly look around the web at the big talking points regarding Scottish independence.

Ray McRobbie takes a weekly look around the web at the big talking points regarding Scottish independence.

Ray McRobbie
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Ray McRobbie takes a weekly look around the web at the big talking points regarding Scottish independence.” target=”_blank”>View the story “Scotland’s Referendum: Media Round-Up” on Storify</a&;amp;amp;gt;]<br /> <h1>Scotland’s Referendum: Media Round-Up</h1> <h2>Ray McRobbie takes a weekly look around the web at the big talking points regarding Scottish independence.Storified by National Collective · Fri, Aug 03 2012 03:57:26 


If you don’t buy physical papers anymore (and who could blame you), you may be forgiven for thinking all news has been abolished until the London 2012 Olympics are over. But fear not, for if you scour the depths of the internet you will find that Scotland does indeed still exist and has not been gobbled up by the giant Team GB corporate monster. In fact, in many cases, the Games just pose another event for politicians around the world to stick their noses in where they don’t belong and say something stupid. Just ask Mitt Romney. 

Here’s what been going on over the last week, for those of you needing a catch-up:
The Sun insists that Danny Boyle has ruined Alex Salmond’s independence dream thanks to his spectacular opening ceremony for the Olympics. The decision to have Scotsman Sir Chris Hoy carry the British flag is also deemed a vote winner for the Unionists. Boyle apparently “captured and defined the essence of Britishness” during the ceremony. Was that the bit where cyclists with wings flew into the sky, or the bit when McCartney botched an already overrated and exceedingly dull Hey Jude? I’ve no idea.
Olympic opening will ‘sink indy bid’ANTI-independence campaigners claim the Olympic opening ceremony could help stop the break-up of the Union. The Better Together campaign …
Sick of the whole ‘Scottish independence’ thing already? Want it to just be over with? Well be afraid, be very afraid, because this Scotsman article will make you cry. The UK government seem to think Holyrood’s lack of communication with them could delay their timetable for a 2014 referendum by A YEAR.
Scottish independence: Wrangle may delay vote until 2015 – Politics …2 days ago … The UK government insists it must be a straight Yes-No question on independence. But First Minister Alex Salmond wants a…
The Express takes a turn at battering the Scottish government, saying a list of questions were asked on what an independent Scotland would look like and nobody in said government bothered to answer. The very last sentence in the piece explains why the questions weren’t answered, and possibly explains why the piece is stupid.
Questions about Scottish independence? We’ll get back to youQuestions about Scottish independence? We’ll get back to you | UK News | – Breaking news from around the UK
A story for the conspiracy theorists out there – the Telegraph say that civil servants are undergoing training courses to make sure they don’t reveal anything about the referendum before they have to. Opposition forces say this leads to a cover-up culture which is unjustified. But they would say that, wouldn’t they…
Scottish civil service attend ‘training courses in secrecy’ – Telegrapht also emerged that hundreds of FOI requests have been ignored by officials, prompting up claims there is a “culture of cover up” at the …
In a more serious piece, David Walker in The Guardian shows how Scotland is already preparing to create a single public service model, similar to the French.
Scottish civil service prepares for more than independenceSeeking rationisation similar to the French model, Scotland’s officials are looking ahead to having a single public service Scottish news…
Callum McCormick looks at the military future of Scotland and how much class will play a part in the referendum outcome:
Britain Must Break: The Internationalist Case for IndependenceThere should be no doubt that those of us who wish to see Scotland become an independent country in 2014 face an extraordinary task. The …
Peter A. Bell discusses the emergence of the Labour for Independence group and ponders what this means for the anti-independence campaign:
Peter A Bell: Cracks in the unionist façade?2 days ago … Surely one of the more significant recent developments in Scotland's independence referendum campaign has been the r…
Meanwhile, the last few posts on Scot Goes Pop! outlines the effect of London 2012’s Team GB on the identities of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish fans and athletes. Sometimes it helps to have a reminder that London is not the same as Britain.
SCOT goes POP!One or two of you may have noticed that my previous post triggered a brief Twitter spat with Scottish Labour’s one-man online presence (o…
Lots of Scots winning medals for team GB at #Olympics2012. @AlexSalmond and @theSNP suddenly AWOL. #indyrefDugald MacMillan
According to the BBC news app, we have already left the UK as it won’t show me a video because I’m not in UK. #indyrefLiam Hewat
I know #indyref polls yo-yo dramatically but today’s is just the latest to put the “Yes” vote at under or around a third. What happened?David Leask
Really getting fed up with the politicising of the Olympics to score points. The #indyref has nothing to do with sport.Alasdair Bremner
Fact the No-to-Indy camp believe indyref is sown up 2years before it is likely to happen, will be one of our greatest opportunities #indyrefHumza Yousaf
So an independent Scotland probably would be doing pretty well in the medal table right about now. Interesting thought. @theSNP #indyrefMarek Lipinski
Why is the PM using obscure gambling terms when referring to the future of both our countries? #inappropriate #indyref #yesscotShonaMcAlpine
Cameron sets clock ticking on #indyref talks, saying he and Salmond should shake on 1-question deal by end of SeptemberEddie Barnes
#TeamGB womens football team defeat Brazil, congrats! Another example of being #bettertogether #indyrefMarcus K Watson
I think the Better Together campaign needs some window stickers. #yesscot well ahead there. Darling take note #indyref #Scotland #labourPaul Laing
David Cameron kept Scottish visit secret in fear of organised public opposition. #indyref #yesScot #scotnightBetter Independent
Macca has lost it, the Brits can’t win a gold and the Queen is now Daniel Craig’s leading lady. It’s officially all over! #yesscot #indyrefAlan Donaldson
#indyref is about independance. Other major changes such as leaving NATO should be for an independant Scotland to decidedavid mcnay
Can we think of cheering on #TeamScotland in 2016? #indyref #yesscotKeri


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