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The London olympics decides the fate of Scotland.

Twittersphere confirms two-week sporting event that everyone will forget in a week has batted off Scottish independence and banished First Minister Alex Salmond forever

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  1. Charles O'Brien

    Well all I see of the comments is childish foul mouthed and insults and I wonder if this is the type of people who make up the unionist camp?
    All those who swear that if we get independence that they will move to England OK go,although it all seems petty.If you don’t understand what respect means it goes with independence,
    Its not The first Ministers Independence its for all of us,if we don’t have an independent Scotland now ,there will be no Scotland in 60 years,it will be absorbed into Greater England.The politics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not a pretty mix in its 85 years of this unions existence it has never lived up to its promise.Still as you are all children you still have time to learn.

  2. Doug Daniel

    There are people who think people like me, who think grammar and spelling is important, are just boring dullards and that you can’t draw parallels between a person’s spelling and grammar abilities, and their overall intelligence. I think these tweets suggest otherwise.

    One of my favourite tweets last night was from someone calling Salmond a “Fat cunt”. The person in question was clearly no stranger to sausage rolls himself. Oh to see ourselves as others see us…

    The hilarity of these tweets is that the recent Sunday Times poll shows that the success of Scottish athletes has actually pushed more people towards independence than away from it. It makes perfect sense – if all of Team GBs medals were coming from English athletes, we’d wonder how awfully Scotland would do as an independent nation. But you see so many medals being won by Scottish athletes, and naturally you begin to wonder how well we could do as an independent nation. That’s what this independence debate is all about really – getting people to think about how things COULD be better if we were an independent nation. That’s why unionists are so keen to shut down debate, either by claiming the referendum should be held NOW (before people have had a chance to think too much) or by refusing to engage with those who want a third option. Anything that gets people thinking about how things COULD be better is dangerous for the unionists, and it’s why the change in support can only ever go one way – because once the idea gets into your head that independence COULD make things better, the status quo will never satisfy you.

    Incidentally, in what way is anything the more rumbustious pro-independence tweeters say any worse than this load of hate-filled, expletive-strewn, personalised doggerel? Journalists need to understand this is the sort of thing that goes on everywhere on the internet, not just amongst so-called “Cybernats”. They do people a disservice by falling for the nonsense peddled by George Foulkes (who is worse than any “Cybernat”) and his ilk.

    But this sort of thing is what happens when politicians encourage people to think something is one man’s personal mission, rather than a movement that existed long before that man was even born. Every time Johann Lamont etc refers to “Alex Salmond’s separatist agenda” or whatever, they’re feeding this hate.

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