Scottish Independence: Media Roundup #4

Ray McRobbie takes a weekly look around the web at the big talking points regarding Scottish independence.

Ray McRobbie
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Raymond McRobbie is a journalism graduate, who at the moment writes about various topical issues for anyone who will pay them any attention while figuring out how to use this supposed talent for actual profit. Ray is also an avid thumb-twiddler, and enjoys a nicely-constructed text message.

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  1. Alan Scott

    So much nonsense about Alex Salmond and the SNP from the Twitter comments there. As if Scotland will somehow be a dictatorship with no free elections, no alternative parties in an independent Scotland. What drugs are these people ingesting to suggest such an idea? “I’m not voting for my country’s independence because of wee fat Eck, chortle ha-de-ha.” What a bunch of brainless morons. Talk about missing the big picture long term.

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