Let’s Not Leave It To Fate

“Independence will never happen”, some say. “Independence is inevitable”, say others.

In many minds the outcome of the referendum is set in stone. It is either an impossibility or it is bound by fate to succeed.

Neither is true. Nobody knows the outcome; not the politicians or the political pundits, or the journalists or writers or artists or the people on the street. Not one person can say with any certainty, and yet it suits politicians to appear to be sure of the outcome – it creates the illusion of confidence.

But behind the political facades independence balances on the knife-edge, with no fateful sway one way or the other. The sooner we admit that, the sooner we will realise that we are in need of action, not in need of fate.

Action, not fate, will win independence. Independence is something that needs to be created. The public need to be active creators, not hopeful bystanders, if they are to succeed in running their own country.

If the outcome of the referendum is a ‘No’, it will not be because it was impossible, or because it was bad luck, or because people could not be convinced.  It is possible; people can be convinced. The being or non-being of success will depend on nothing except the lengths of our efforts.

It really is up to us. We might not be high-profile, we might not be politicians. We might only be ordinary people who get the bus and go to work every day. But we don’t have to be bystanders.

Scotland is a canvas and we are all the artists.

The campaign is now. Leave fate and act.

Andrew Redmond Barr
National Collective

Independence March and Rally (Edinburgh)
Saturday 22nd September 2012
- Assemble at the Meadows: 11AM
– March to Princes Street: 12PM
– Rally for Scottish Independence: 1PM

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