Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro): Scotland May As Well Give Independence A Shot

Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro on independence:

The way the world’s going, we may as well give (Scottish Independence) a shot.”

“The time is now. The world is falling apart. Scotland has really good oil money, we’ve got renewable energy, we have ways of moving forward and we’re in a strong position to make it happen.”

Taken from NME 

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  • Connor Beaton

    Suddenly I’m digging Biffy Clyro even more.

  • James Bruce Hunter

    The Captain

  • Max Bennie

    “The world is falling apart” – which is the main reason for voting No. In this troubled world, the last thing you want is nations going off and separating instead of staying together and helping.

    • JPJ2

      Please explain why contrary to myth there are far more independent states today than just after WW2.