I Am National Collective

If you believe the world has so much to gain from an independent Scotland,

If you believe the opportunity of a new nation is too good to miss,

If you believe imagination is key to creating a better society,

And that self-determination and self-expression go hand-in-hand,

You are National Collective.

To take part, send your photo to: enquiries@nationalcollective.com or share on Twitter #iamnationalcollective @wearenational

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  1. Michael Green

    If Mummy and Daddy pay for your tuition fees and fund your jollies round the world:

    If you have one eye on being an SNP list MSP/MEP:

    If you have never worked an honest day in your life:

    If you have no concept about what it is like to not afford to put your heating on during the winter in your Council House:

    If you grew up in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and went to a Private School:

    If you have no concept about what it is like to be discriminated against yet wax profound about your chip on your shoulder:

    If you are studying a PPE course at a Russell Group University:

    You are National Collective.

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