Great Things Start With Yes at #GUIndyRef

On the 21st of February, students at Glasgow Uni will be the first to take part in a referendum on an independent Scotland.

Devolution has already shown what we can achieve when we have powers here in Scotland. We’ve kept education free to provide a future for our young people, helped the most vulnerable in society with free prescriptions and personal care for the elderly, and led the way with world-leading climate-change legislation.

With the powers of any normal, independent country, we can do much more.

We can work towards creating a fairer society, where the poorest are not punished for an economic crisis they didn’t create.

We can harness our power. Scotland has 25% of Europe’s renewable energy potential. We can make that work for Scotland, and create an industry for the future.

We can remove the obscenity of nuclear weapons from the Clyde and make sure we’re never dragged into another illegal war, and instead work as a beacon for peace.

And we can make sure that we always get the government that the people of Scotland voted for.

When the United Nations was founded in 1945 there were 51 member states. Now there are almost 200 independent countries in the world. Few of these countries started with foundations as strong as Scotland has, or potential as great.

Great things start with Yes.

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