Scottish Independence: Top 10 Unionist Myths – DEBUNKED

From passport checks at the border, or our inability to cope with the banking crisis, to anti-Englishness and Mel Gibson movies … Strap yourselves in for the top 10 anti Scottish independence myths of all time – debunked.

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About Jack Foster

Jack Foster was one of the creators of 'Precious Few Heroes', an online film released in 2010 to promote the non-partisan case for Scottish independence. Jack is a passionate "guerrilla media" campaigner for a left-wing, progressive, independent Scotland. He holds no affiliation to any political party.

  • Scots Renewables

    Not available ‘due to a copyright claim by “Better Together”‘
    Anyone kn ow who in particular objected? Ian Davidson perhaps?

  • William Clarke

    Hello, can I ask was it yourself that made this video? I would love a copy as Bitter Together have had it removed from YouTube

    • Max Bennie

      You spelled “better” wrongly.

      • William Clarke

        No… I think I spelled exactly what I meant to.

        • Max Bennie

          You like spelling words incorrectly?

          • Andrew MacGregor

            It’s correctly spelt. Bitter is spelt B-I-T-T-E-R isn’t it? It certainly is as far as the dictionary is concerned. What you meant to point out is that he used the wrong word. So, in effect, you were wrong, not him.

          • Max Bennie

            My point was not well made. You win.

  • Craig Dalzell

    Blocked by Better Together. They must be a fan of free speech and fair debate.

    Someone else has uploaded a copy elsewhere:

  • sdoc
  • Greg Moodie