An Open Letter To Johann Lamont

Dear Johann,

I’m glad you have seen today as an opportunity to positively engage with the independence debate. The countdown to September 18th 2014 appears to have sparked you into life.

Having watched you on television this evening I found myself agreeing with you. I too envisage my children and grandchildren living in a “foreign” country. I’m just not sure you’d recognise it.

In my “foreign” country there’s a Labour Party who actually care enough to vote with their conscience rather than abstaining. They believe in their founding principles and wish to make the lives of ordinary folk better. They abandon nuclear arms to pull the poorest out of poverty; they fight against the Tories to make sure those who work get a fair days pay rather than sit idly by; they don’t ensure their constituents live forever amongst the worst areas of deprivation in western Europe; and they never send their children to die in illegal wars.

My “foreign” country is called Scotland. It’s not far away, its only been a short journey since 1999. You don’t need a passport to visit and you’d be welcomed with open arms. You can rest up, maybe do a little soul searching and you never know it might be so good you want to stay forever.

Yours Sincerely,

Ross Aitchison
National Collective 

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About Ross Aitchison

Ross Aitchison is a Part II Architectural Assistant based in Edinburgh and a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, originally from Aberdeenshire. He is a national organiser for National Collective.

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  1. robbie carse

    no matter how hard all of the news stations tried it was impossible to put that woman in a positive light no amount of camera lighting or editing could do the trick ,this is for me the face of Unionism sad deppresed bitter and living in the past but also sadly the voice and face that a vast amount of Scottish voters are listening to ,Why well not only because of a biased media but because there are alot of sad depressed dissilusioned people out there and might i say through no fault of there own,brainwashed and beaten down for many a year the individual on the street becomes the microcosm for the country the negativity infiltrates our society at every level no matter were people turn ,we have the likes of Johann Lamont spreading the gloom casting a veil of dreich dullness upon the conciousnesss of the doomed ,this just might play into the hands of the Unionists or so they would like to think ,cause my vision of Scotland is a bright forward thinking country were the people put in charge are capable of spreading a positve honest truth that permeates the collective conscience of all its people down to the very last person this I feel is a battle for Scotlands sanity and in turn a battle for all of humanity striving to banish the elite dictatorship from our world .So the forgotten collective conscience is watching waitng and hoping that sanity provails I BELIEVE in a BRIGHT INDEPENDANT FUTURE for SCOTLAND ,peace

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