Dave Coates (Poet): I Don’t Want Scotland To Rule The World, Just To Rule Scotland

I support Scottish independence for one basic reason: I think things could be better. Not because I have evangelistic faith in Alex Salmond personally, or that I think Scotland will overnight become the socially just nirvana of my dreams, but that it’s an opportunity for government free of the Westminster hub, which has lurched to the right not just in recent weeks but recent years, to the point where I find it difficult to distinguish one neo-liberal, free-market-worshipping party from the next. There is little/no political-philosophical opposition in Westminster, nothing to represent Scotland’s significantly left-er political spectrum, and the current administration’s moves against the most vulnerable in our society, the hypocrisy in its own affairs and its treatment of the most powerful commercial/financial interests, made me truly ashamed to be British for the first time in my life.

Scotland has been the butt of no small disdain in the English national media lately. That some otherwise insightful commentators should resort to base stereotype and dismissal speaks of how little this country appears on Westminster’s radar, and what a chore and an affront it is when it does. 7% of Britain’s people are set in a box marked ‘Ignore when possible, mock when necessary’, though I don’t doubt the same occurs when (say) Wales, or Cornwall, or the North-East does likewise. We are all valued citizens until we speak up.

I don’t want Scotland to rule the world, just to rule Scotland. We can look to Iceland and Sweden, their sustained track records of caring for all of their citizens, and operating a society in which the gap between rich and poor is small and tax-paying immigrant workers aren’t sold up the river to appease the ignorant. I don’t even necessarily want politicians who aren’t total arseholes. I just want them to be our arseholes, and less than 400 miles away when they fuck up (one reason, incidentally, I also support Orcadian/Shetlandic independence, come what may).

Scotland 2014: just a wee bit less shite than England. Is it such a mad dream?

Dave Coates
National Collective 

Photograph used with kind permission of Chris Scott.

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  1. David Milligan

    I firmly believe that an independent Scotland will conquer the world, not with bullets, missiles and bombs, but with Scot’s know-how, ingenuity and compassion for our fellow man.

    I hear you Dave and agree with your basic sentiment, however, the Scots have never been an inward looking nation and it is our gift of looking over the horizon that will carry us to success as an independent country.

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan – a very Sovereign Scot

  2. Archie Hamilton

    I’m with you almost all the way but even though my own political belief would probably be middle to left of centre, I really feel that our future state needs to find a way of accommodating and encouraging a range views across the political spectrum. We must make certain that the various parties represented in the body politic do differ in a meaningful way.I don’t have to agree with right of centre politics to believe that their proponents can serve a useful function in the development of our political future.

    I’m just an armchair thinker but surely some people of higher thinking and political ability and enthusiasm can find a way to bring it about soon. Constantly demeaning right of centre thinking and throwing brickbats at anyone who puts their head above the parapet is isolating a lot of people and preventing them from considering anything other than the Union.

    1. Dave Coates

      Absolutely, Archie, very well said! There’s no benefit in aiming to abolish conservatism as a philosophy, and in doing so isolating a large number of potential allies, The particular brand of conservatism being exercised in Westminster, however, seems hostile to any philosophy outside of the public school set and is thoroughly toxic. Getting away from that and providing a convincing opposition should be a top priority.
      Thanks for commenting, this is my first excursion into political writing and the positive reactions are very encouraging.

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