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See also Alistair Carmichael: Our Man In Westminster.

Greg Moodie
National Collective

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About Greg Moodie

Greg Moodie is a writer and graphic designer with an impressively ludicrous CV and a poor recollection of anything on it. Technically Dundonian, he says he graduated from the city’s Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art ‘before the invention of fire’ but that, like Vegas, what happened there stayed there.

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  1. Callum

    It seems more and more that the punchline of the Johann Lamont jokes is that she speaks in a strong Scottish dialect… She has plenty of political views to take the piss out of; but this just seems like snobbery to me.

      1. Callum

        Correct. I don’t have a problem with you implying she’s stupid; just find the part where you take the piss out of how she speaks a bit patronising and damaging. I thought national collective was about embracing Scottish culture but this seems to be rubbishing it.

          1. Callum

            Where did I say I was outraged? If you don’t want to address the point then fair enough but you don’t need to make stuff up.

  2. Pa broon

    Eh. So some poor soul is offended at the language, but not offended at the implications of Johann Lamont sitting on the Duke of Wellington (or even worse) Donald Dewar’s Head.

    The mental imagery alone…

  3. Grae

    Farcical that Johann Lamont should win Debater of the Year using pre-prepared scripts every week. Not even very good pre-prepared scripts at that. Her sneering negativity is a complete turn-off for everyone interested in positive progressive politics. Love her as the ‘cone’. However, Callum is right. Your mocking of her
    Glasgow dialect smacks of snobbery. It’s ugly, and the sort of thing I’d expect
    to see in the Mail or Express. I’m not outraged (mock or otherwise), just
    disappointed at this and your scornful attitude towards legitimate criticism. I
    expect better from National Collective. That’s why I joined.

  4. Dorothy Bruce

    If she was speaking sense in a Scottish accent it wouldn’t be funny, but she isn’t. And the woman was an English teacher, and is Leader of Labour in Scotland. Compare her stilted, rambling efforts to the speakers with Scottish accents on the film ‘We are Northern Lights’. The richness of experiences and the humanity and humour shines through and the accents would be embraced.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen this film should certainly try to watch it. It’s now also available for posting on blogs etc.

  5. Alan Edgey

    Your cartoon depiction of Johann Lamont’s speech is inaccurate. She speaks pretty much Standard English with a Glasgow accent. She does not speak what appears to be your attempt at Scots. It tells us more about your attitude to spoken Scots and nothing about Johann Lamont’s debating skills, ya numptie!

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