5 Ways David Cameron Is Influencing Scotland’s Referendum, Despite Claiming It Should Be Between Scots


1. Political visits and arguments

Scotland has been inundated with regular ‘love-bomb’ visits from Tory cabinet ministers leading the ‘No argument’. Theresa May was afraid of terrorism. Philip Hammond was afraid of a lack of military punch. David Willetts was afraid of university complications. George Osborne warned over various economic calamities and threatened to oppose fair negotiations in the event of a Yes vote. Cameron himself came to Glasgow to celebrate Trident nuclear missiles.

2. Civil service research and funding

The Westminster civil service has poured resources into the ‘Scotland Analysis Papers’ while – according to the Herald – London political press officers have been central to the No campaign agenda. Westminster refuses to divulge how much money has been spent on this.

3. Westminster’s draconian policies

Westminster’s policies are fundamental to the independence debate. Westminster is slashing welfare, increasing poverty and inequality. Westminster is continuing with a dysfunctional tax system increasing VAT and reducing income tax for millionaires. Westminster is spending £100 billion on nuclear weapons, making decisions on war and peace, while slowly ripping apart Britain’s place in Europe. While power lies at Westminster, Scotland’s elections are chained to the Palace of Westminster – and the referendum is no different. This is why independence is necessary.

4. No campaign donations

Major No campaign and Tory donors are London based. Ian Taylor bankrolled the No campaign to a tune of £500,000. Recent major donors were part of a wider Westminster network including connections to Mi5 and the banking sector.

5. Global Lobbying through the Foreign Office

And now it emerges that London’s Foreign Office and 10 Downing Street have been orchestrating international lobbying against Scottish independence – with meetings in Madrid, overtures to Moscow and No campaign scripts being sent to all UK embassies.

As Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove said, given all this effort a No vote will be a victory for the Conservative and Unionist Party and the Westminster establishment.

The idea that Cameron can utilise all the powers of state at his disposal in the lead up to the official campaign without facing a debate and proper scrutiny is an affront to the democratic process.

It only re-emphasises the democratic argument in favour of Scottish independence: decisions should be taken by the people of Scotland and not by unaccountable politicians in Westminster.

Michael Gray
National Collective 


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About Michael Gray

Michael studies politics at the University of Glasgow. He admires creativity, optimism and education. He desires peace, social justice and good parties.

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  1. groo

    Really shows how Westminster are carrying out a sinister and highly negative campaign to keep Scotland in the Union….resorting to coercive diplomacy?!
    I don’t think I could ever reconcile myself to staying in the union in light of the recent revelations.
    For all those undecided this could really act as the persuading factor – the underhand and sly actions of Cameron are undeniable.

    1. ShirleyKnott

      Indeed. Had you asked me only a year ago, I would have retorted that independence was just some silly emotionally-fuelled idea. But you really only have to scratch the surface to discover just how manipulative and exploitative Westminster is being, and has been for decades. I’m firmly on the “yes” side now. The biggest problem is that the mainstream media keep on trumpeting the BetterTogether spin very loudly, and that many people are simply too deaf or too busy or too lazy to look beyond that. Well done on this one though, NC. Worth sharing.

  2. phil horey

    Come on fellow artists, lets not just stop at delivering independence for ourselves, lets give Shetland and Orkney artists the right to express themselves and go it alone from Scotland! Oh wait a minute… that will mean they get all the oil and we’ll be totally screwed!
    AH … but who cares art isn’t about vulgar everyday things like money and anyway there’s lots of space for us up there if we move quick enough. Keep up the suffering!!

    1. Kara's Aunty

      Shetland and Orkney have never been countries independent of Scotland, later controversially ‘absorbed and exploited, whilst patronising and polluting’. Unlike Scotland as a whole, which was once fiercely independent until betrayed by her wannabe colonial aristos (a project which mercifully failed), and has most definitely been controversially absorbed and exploited, patronised and polluted by Westminster ever since.

      And, unlike Westminster, if Scotland gains independence, and our sisters and brothers in Shetland and Orkney express a majority opinion on their own independence, Holyrood would be more than happy to sit down and talk about it without resorting to the dirty, underhanded tactics employed by London plc. Especially having once been the target of such scurrilous tactics ourselves.

      1. phil horey

        Get a life ! Orkney and Shetland were Norwegian long before Scotland was invented. Give them the oil and watch Scotland shrivel

        1. Kara's Aunty

          Read it and weep, kn*bhead: ‘On the death of Haakon VI in 1380,[57] Norway formed a political union with Denmark after which the interest of the royal house in the islands declined.[50] In 1469, Shetland was pledged by Christian I, in his capacity as King of Norway, as security against the payment of the dowry of his daughter Margaret, betrothed to James III of Scotland. As the money was never paid, the connection with the crown of Scotland has become perpetual.[Note 7] ‘
          As I stated, ‘never countries independent of Scotland’. That means countries IN THEIR OWN RIGHT. Which they haven’t been. Sheesh. Next time, pay attention.

          1. phil horey

            ‘Knobhead’ !! Ha ha ha. You fanatics sound more and more like Nazi’s every day. Long live Nationalism and Benito Salmond ! By the way talk to the people of the Northern Isles before you assume their alliegence to the Collective minority cause.

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