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  • laureenofscotts

    I have a poem concerning freedom, would this be of interest to you?

  • Harry Alffa

    Title: A Nation of Wankers

    subTitle: Thoughts on Scottish Independence

    A “bait & switch” article; first three paragraphs:

    “OK, the title is provocative, but judging from outside, and if a population gets the media it deserves, then on average, a Nation of Wankers is about right.

    There are a great number of wankers, the “floating” wankers are the problem, but so are the easily led knob-ends with too little cynicism.

    It surely must to take a Nation of Wankers to believe the Bedroom Tax is “fair”.”

    Goes on to reference; extelligence, cynicism, evolutionary loss of digestive enzymes in Humans.

    Draws “stark delineation” between Scottish versus English extelligence.


  • Jon Kelbie

    Title: 100 Artists and Creatives Who Support Scottish Independence

    One more for the list who is openly supportive of independence.

    GREG HEMPHILL ‘A yes for Independence, Michelle Mone leaves. A no for Independence, I LEAVE! Vote wan of us oot! What’s it to be?


  • WidelyRecycled

    There are a few exemptions from the list that I’ve spotted.

    Greg Hemphill is the Still Game guy, seen below in Jon Kelbie’s post.
    Alex Kapranos, Lead Singer of Franz Ferdinand. “There’s no doubt about it – it should be independent” However, hes obviously no a fan of Alex Salmond.
    Pete Wishart MP for SNP in Perth, formally of Runrig. Numerous tweets could be used as an example.
    Tommy Mackay, of Daily Reckless.

    Bill Bailey, Comedian. “There’s a long history of independence of mind, so why not extend that further and finalise it.”

    • Tommy Mackay

      Ah – cheers. You posted that just as I was nominating myself!

  • WidelyRecycled

    And one I forgot: Kevin McKidd. “If I could vote, I’d vote ‘yes’,”

  • Tommy Mackay

    Tommy Mackay the brains behind the Daily Reckless and The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band should be on that list. The words to ‘Just Say Yes’ should suffice:

  • Peter Arnott

    Hello…I still want to be on the list.

    “The YES campaign has
    already succeeded in opening an imagined civic space, largely online it must be
    said, for thinking what might be possible for us in our little northern corner
    of Europe, should we choose to assert ourselves as ourselves. That sense of possibility and hope, I think,
    is something to treasure and hold onto if we can. It is also something apart
    from oil and whisky that we can aspire to export.”

    From forthcoming article in Global Dispatches. Peter Arnott, Playwright.

  • Sally Evans

    Hi Ross,
    A good idea listing creatives in favour of independence I noticed the following major omissions including myself: Janet Paisley the novelist and poet, and and Ross Wilson.the Fife Scots poet and filmmaker. as for me I am the poet editor of Poetry Scotland which is pro independence and has therefore had to run unfunded for fifteen years, You can source my piece for the National Collective, and you can very easily source Ross and Janet..
    we have reached the point in history where to leave people off lists like this is very damaging to their careers, especially when they have suffered a lifetime of airbrushing out under the old Scottish Arts Council set-up

  • Donald Coutts

    My name is Don Coutts. I am a TV Director and Film Director. Not sure about an artist. I thought I had registered interest. A great list that needs to grow bigger and more visible. I think visibility at the moment is a really important thing. Within our own fields, within our own communities and our own country. Badges, T shirts. We need to come out as much as possible. I am involved in our local Yes Highland campaign. I think we need to be seen and heard, to allow other people to join in. There is a whole chunk of people that maybe find it difficult to be voluble. Seeing and hearing others will make it easier. The idea that there is a possibility of us becoming Independant and creating a compassionate country that interfaces with the world away from xenophobia and anger is hugely attractive to me.

  • JimW

    Jim Wylie, Landscape Painter.
    I am one of the lucky few who seems to have been taught something about Scottish History at school. I reckon that I can date my first interest in Scottish independence back about 60 years to when I first heard about Wallace and Bruce. I have learned a lot more since and have waited a long time to get to this stage. There will not be another opportunity. The clever thing about the Edinburgh Agreement from Westminster’s point of view is that it established a precedent of the UK Parliament having power to allow or refuse a referendum on independence. If we turn down this opportunity I am certain that it will not be allowed again.

    For me, it is about democracy. It is unacceptable that our devolved parliament can be overruled or even abolished by the UK parliament. It is unacceptable that the UK parliament is not in any way proportionately representative. It is unacceptable that the upper chamber is unelected, that seats are allocated representatives of religion, and only one religion at that. It is unacceptable that a hereditary monarch should be required to give the final stamp of authority at the head of the whole privileged, class-ridden, old boys’ network. We have been disregarded, diminished and lied to for centuries. It is time to take a grasp of our own future.

  • Peter Morrison

    Peter Morrison, traditional musician and composer with Peatbog Faeries.

    Vote Yes for a society then supports equal opportunity rather than nuclear weapons.
    Vote Yes for a foreign policy that wins the respect of others rather than their disdain.
    Vote Yes to use our wealth of resources to show the world how to stop destroying itself.
    Vote Yes not just for ourselves but for those who came before and more importantly, for those who’ll come after.
    Vote Yes to be Equal.

  • Brad Millar
  • June maxwell

    Have you considered young Paolo Nutini? He seems a good contende for a Yes vote?

    • Will Mcewan

      I think he declared for YES some time ago

  • Chris Silver

    Hi NC watching the Wright Stuff on C5 this morning the last item was on Chalenging unacceptable Behavour in public. Alexis Conran one of the guests who does the con tricks programmes recites his experiences filming in Scotland where filming was’ruined’ as people would challenge the behaviour and filming in London where people just minded their own business. It demonstrates a cultural difference and a mindset we should not want to alter. The idea of fairness within our society and one that has clearly lost a sense of community.

  • Will Mcewan

    I have felt for some time we should have a rally in George Square in Glasgow, led perhaps by the 1820 Society and the John McLean Scciety (and the Connolly Society?). But what i would love to see would be National Collective organising a Scottish”Band Aid” effort at such a rally with every YES artist in Scotland on a stage recording a huge version of the Freedom Come A Ye. You could get 10,000 people in George Square for that

    • Rona Topaz

      Yes, please. Up for it.

  • Will Mcewan

    Yesterday’s crass intervention from Lang reminded me of a poem/song I wrote years ago as we blasted Iraq back into the middle ages. One verse said a lot of what I feel about things

    When they’re lookin’ for sojers

    They aye know where to come

    To Govan, to Craigmillar, to Gibbshill, to the Drum

    When they’re handin’ oot the funerals

    The Jocks aye get first turn

    Hope I get back to my Angie

    Dave Mcewan Hill (Will Mcewan)

  • Dave Jackson
  • Bandages_For_Konjic

    If anyone finds themselves needing a poem, this is one of mine that’s going spare . . .

    Our child.

    We sit and watch,

    as she comes running
    down the garden,
    chasing a frog
    into the long grass.

    And we say nothing,
    for we’ve given her
    all our words, to learn them
    one by one and make them
    into new thoughts,
    new ways of saying
    all the old things.

    But we still look at one another,
    in a way that wonders –
    “How did we do this?
    By what conspiracy, what magic,
    did we make this life?”

    She’ll go out into the world
    one day, and fill herself
    with books and people
    and plant her flag
    on top of a mountain of possibilities
    and she will make us proud.
    Our love, our life, our bonnie Jo,
    our child, independence.

    • sally fraser

      that’s really lovely thank you for sharing

  • Stridge

    Hiya, just wondered if there was any Gaelic speaking members or supporters in this group? Thanks!

  • Michelle Opit

    Fighting political policing. Defending the right to protest.
    We are writing to call for the support and solidarity of Scotland’s progressive artists, writers and publishers with a student protester in Glasgow facing criminal proceedings for using a megaphone. We do not believe it is in the public interest to criminalise young people who participate in peaceful protest against the cuts in social welfare. We are demanding that the Lord Advocate intervenes and drops the outstanding charge in the interests of justice.

    On 22 February 2013, during a peaceful anti-cuts protest in Glasgow city centre Dominic O’Hara was arrested for using a megaphone under Section 54 of the Civic Government of Scotland Act (1982). Daniel McGarrel was arrested for allegedly attempting to free a person in custody. At court, 10 months after the arrests, the Procurator Fiscal conceded that the original arrests were unlawful and all charges of resisting arrest, police obstruction and attempts to liberate a prisoner from
    custody were dropped before the trial. However, in a quite incredible decision, the Crown Office decided to pursue prosecution of Dominic for use of a megaphone under the 1982 Act. Maximum penalty for this is a £50 fine, yet to date the case has, we estimate, cost £7,000.

    This ‘megaphone’ case is a sign of he times we are living in, and is only one in a long line of police attacks on peaceful protestors over the last three years. The Glasgow Defence Campaign
    (GDC) was established to oppose this political policing. Our work aims to offer practical, emotional and political support to all those being criminalised for defending our democratic rights in the struggle against the cuts in Glasgow and across the UK.

    Following the collapse of the original charges Dominic told the GDC: ‘The key question here is freedom of speech for everyone who is trying to organise against the cuts and welfare reform. It’s a fight we can’t lose.’ Daniel added: ‘That the Crown didn’t abandon the megaphone case shows that this is clearly political. The dropping of the charges against myself shows the importance of fighting political charges with a political defence. I’d like to thank the GDC and supporters who have stood with us throughout the last twelve months.’

    We are writing to you today to call for your support and solidarity with Dominic and all those across the country who are facing such criminalisation and demand that the Lord Advocate intervenes and drops the outstanding charge in the interests of justice. It is vital that all progressive thinkers unite to stop this attack on the right protest. You can support GDC by:

    Joining us on Tuesday 4 March, 10.15am at the Court Picket, Glasgow Sheriff Court. 1 Carlton Place. Trial begins 11am in court 19 (open to the public).

    Demand the charge be dropped! Send us a statement of support and solidarity and publish it on your blog or website. Read the statement of solidarity from the renowned writer and working class activist James Kelman on our website. We commend Kelman’s consistent and principled stand on this question and urge others to follow his lead.

    Become a member of GDC. You can support the vital work of GDC by becoming a member of the organisation or sending us a donation (see blog or email glasgowdefence@

    Read further background on this and many others cases of political policing in Glasgow and across the UK. See

    Thank you for your time and for considering joining us in defence of our right to protest.

    Michelle Opit

  • janesh

    A few of us are thinking we should organise an event in London to support the Yes campaign, and have the support of some writers and poets who think its a good idea. Any suggestions about who we should contact.

  • ian cairns

    I have written a pro-independence song – `GIVE US OUR FREEDOM BACK`. Is anyone interested? It is very catchy and details the reasons why we need to restore our independence.

  • Art McGuinness

    Hi, I noticed someone from the collective has been flyposting on the advertising towers in Dundee that were set up to provide cheap advertising for the leisure, entertainment and the arts sectors. You were promoting the gig in Buskers. Now the owner of the business and myself are both pro-independence but don’t like it when someone posters over posters that others have paid to have installed. Surely NOT the way for a new Scotland! Can someone please remove them from the Street Advertising Services sites. Thanks (VOTE YES!)

  • John Williamson
  • Albea Scott
  • Renee Slater

    Aberdeen Fastival Of Politics 24th – 31st March 2014 – Please check out National Colective input on Programme Page. Thank you David Officer,

  • Liza Mulholland

    This is a wee song I wrote a few years ago….performed by The Love Pylons….

  • malcolmthomson

    It might interest many that the ‘Christian Right’ in the United States appears to warn against Scottish independence.

    The writer has a better command of the English language than Sara Palin… which is, I guess, worrying!

    “Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of, Derby Mack is an American Patriot who has dedicated his life to loving his country and preparing his family for the National Apocalypse. He would like to thank the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the opportunity to share Wisdom with every member of the community. God Bless and Stay Vigilant!”

    If the ‘Christian Right’ is against Scottish independence, fearing rampant ‘socialism’ and all manner of Satanic influences. then the ‘Stay Together’ campaign might face a problem!

  • mr diagonal

    hello Scotland

    I thought this might amuse you: ‘Tartan Dinosaurs’,
    mr Diagonal’s contribution to the Scotch referendum debate:
    (words and music)
    (video by Momus, starring Sean Connery)

    good luck
    mr Diagonal

  • Graeme Houston

    I am working my butt off trying to get support for the YES Balloon. Ross had messaged looking for contact details on Twitter last week. or call my numbers on

  • Tom Murphy

    Bit of a lampoon against our southern cousins not wanting us to play with their toys anymore …. the £
    Let’s have a referendum about having referendums.
    Let’s start a silly season with a vote.
    Better still – let’s dangle Alex Salmond by his dictums
    and dispatch his precious mandate down his throat!
    Prime Minister, we can’t do that, we must be diplomatic
    and treat those tartan upstarts on a par.
    Your EU referendum pledge is deft and charismatic
    so, don’t blow it with a rousing Au Revoir.
    You see, the Jocks are more inclusive, they love the Continentals,
    if their Indy ref’s a YES they’ll join EU.
    Pull the pound, nick the oil, and pooh-pooh their credentials,
    oh … and pull the plug on Downton Abbey, too.
    Damn it man, let’s bleed their ears with fiddling financiers,
    who cares if our manoeuvrings transgress.
    We’re Tory born red-sandstone boys – aristocratic chancers,
    we’ll deny those kilted radicals success!

  • alice

    Hi there! I am a design student from the Glasgow School of art, and for my last project of my degree, I have chosen to focus on protestors and designing products or wearables to aid individuals and groups in this activity (from general comfort and effect, to sidestepping political policing). I have no experience myself of protesting, and I was wondering if anyone would talk with me of what the experience is like? As a supporter of Scottish independence, I would love to partake in a protest or rally, so if anyone has any details of any in the near future, I’d be extremely appreciative to hear from you!

    Please drop me an email if you can help me out!

  • sandie

    Many of the artists that form part of the collective wouldn’t have got anywhere without the international clout of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Stuart Braithwaite for one I hope is grateful for the relentless plugging his band got from John Peel. I also hope he thinks other young Scottish bands deserve the massive break he got.
    There is massive uncertainty regarding broadcasting, and for ‘a collection of artists’ to find this unimportant/irrelevant to the issues is very strange indeed.
    Seems we can still get Dr Who.
    Now imagine that being the prize under independence all those years back when Mogwai was young?
    Of courser it’s not just Mogwai such things relate to, more than half the members on this list I would say.
    Eddie Reader was on QT not too long ago, as was the programme she does on BBC Scotland with Phil Cunningham.
    Yes and TOTP broadcast her no1 smash those years back to the nation of Britain none the less.
    Biting the hand that fed you?
    More than just a wee bit aloof?
    A tiny bit insulting?

  • Rona Topaz

    Hi-I’m a singer and songwriter from Glasgow. Happy to play free of charge at any gigs, benefits etc, promoting independence. Soundcloud:
    You Tube: Ronatopaz1
    Btw: Has anyone ever paid close attention to the verse of Daft Punks’ Get Lucky?!

    Ahem: “We’ve come too far /to deny who we are/ So let’s raise the bar”…
    What COULD they have meant, one wonders…. Subversive!!

  • Dj Vocalist

    I joined this morning. :-)

    I am Scottish Dj/Producer in Vocal House and Garage music. I am trying to host the Dance4FFFRRRREEDOM as the InDePenDance2014.

    Is there a telephone number for the Collective?