The Yestival tour dates:

30 June – Haddington (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
01 July – Melrose (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
02 July – Sanquhar (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
03 July – Ayr (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
04-05 July – Glasgow (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
06 July – Glasgow / Festival of the Common Weal (Facebook / Free Tickets)
08 July – Falkirk (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
09-12 July – Edinburgh / National Collective: Imagine a Better Scotland at Summerhall (Facebook / Free Tickets)
13 July – Fort William (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
16 July – North Uist (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
17 July – Harris (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
18 July – Skye (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
19 July – Ullapool (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
20 July – Inverness
21-22 July – Orkney (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
23 July – Shetland (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
24 July – Shetland (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
25 July – Lossiemouth (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
26 July – Aberdeen
28 July – Montrose (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
29 July – Arbroath (Facebook) / Free and Unticketed)
30 July – Dundee
31 July – Perth (Facebook) / Free and Unticketed)
01 August – St Andrews (Facebook / Free and Unticketed)
02 August – Stirling

Further information about each event will be released shortly.

  1. karen scott

    Is there going to b Facebook link for the Dundee part?

  2. michael bourdages

    Wonderful to read in the Guardian about your efforts. John Harris is right -and so must you be- that is has to do with far more than a dry accounting based on disputed figures of whether you will be £10 or £100 better off with this or that result. Keep up the good work.

  3. marlis

    Love the idea of the yestival. Can you send me details of the Arbroath, Dundee and Perth events. I am not on facebook out of principle.

  4. Hello! I’ll be coming in from New York City, will be photographing towards a story on the atmosphere around the upcoming referendum. Is Inverness a go? If so are there details you can share? Thanks! What a vibrant time. ps. I work with a group here called Time’s Up! (, and we create many theatrical activist events to illuminate issues around more sustainable transportation and behavior. Kudos.

  5. Roslyn Macpherson

    Hi, is there a way to get this information to people who’re offline? I’d love to get my parents along to one of the events, but they’re in Fife and don’t do Social Media. I’m in the Hebrides, so can’t just drag them along with me.


  6. David McDonald

    Hi folks, when will details be available for the Dundee event? Would like to go along to that as well as St. Andrews

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